Patriot K9's of Wisconsin

Our Mission:

At no cost to qualified Veterans, we educate and train Psychiatric Service Dog Teams to have a fulfilling and meaningful life in the community of their choice.

Our Goal:

Helping veterans win the war against suicide, depression and anxiety by empowering them with the use of a service dog and connecting them to the resources they need to improve their daily lives.

Our History:

Patriot K9’s of Wisconsin (PK9’s) is a non-profit organization established in 2017 in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Our objectives are to reduce suicide risk factors, increase protective factors, provide mental health screening, and assist Veterans through referrals to appropriate services to achieve zero suicides among our Veteran participants.

Since inception PK9’s has graduated 94 Service Dog Teams, provides services and resources to over 100 veterans, and is hopeful to graduate another 12 Service Dog Teams by the end of 2024.




I will protect you.

I will preserve you.

I will give my life for you.

I will never leave your side.

I will never leave my fallen owner behind.



How to Qualify


* 6,392 Veterans took their lives by suicide in 2021

* 1,315 were in the Midwest region

* 109 were in Wisconsin

We can help win the war on suicide with a trauma recovery service dog. Our program is FREE to qualifying veterans. Are you a veteran ready to make a change and reclaim your life? CONTACT US NOW! 

How to Qualify

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“17 Per Day…1 every 85 minutes…6000 per year (estimated veteran suicides)”

“Service dogs offer an alternative to traditional treatments as highly trained companions that provide emotional support to veterans suffering from PTSD.”

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