We are dedicated to providing assistance and guidance to veterans in various aspects of their lives. Connect with fellow veterans and find community support, ensuring you receive the help and support you deserve.

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“Before we had the support of Patriot K9’s, my husband struggled significantly in public settings. He would feel very anxious and would get angry with others very quickly. He would not go anywhere without me, which was challenging for me because I work full time. Since we’ve started training with our dog and working with Patriot K9’s, my husband has started attending classes without me, I’ve noticed his mood has improved, he is not as anxious in public settings, and he has not had any anger outbursts. Patriot K9’s has truly improved his quality of life, and we will be forever grateful.”

Crisis Line: 988 (Then Press 1) **  PK9’s Phone: 715-298-1373 ** Email: info@patriotk9s.org